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    A Clean Audio Conversion Program for Mac and PC.

    RETURN is an audio conversion tool that will return your audio to 432 Hertz. Straightforward technology that will convert your own music for your own serenity.

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Designed for ease

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RETURN was built specifically for changing music to 432Hz. Now you can change all the songs in your library with one program.

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In RETURN you can easily convert 20 songs at a time and it only takes a few minutes. You no longer have to change only one song at a time!

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Together with research and feedback, we have a lot of other exciting updates that will be coming in the future. The Updated version will be sent for free to those who have the older version. See our FAQ for more information.

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You do not need computer programming skills to use RETURN, or need to know music, cent, semitones and octaves. RETURN does all the math for you, and saves it with "-432" at the end of the song so you can find your changed music easily. When it comes to conversion to 432Hz, nothing does it as simple and quick as RETURN.

How it's done...

The down and simple process of converting your files to 432 Hertz. Only 3 Steps!

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Select your Audio Files

Just browse for your music files and upload one or multiple files to the Queue.

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Select which folder to save into

Suggest saving all your 432 Hz song files in its separate folder.

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Click Start!

The program converts the files at an average of 45 seconds per song and saves it in your chosen folder using the file name "Song-432".

Download to your Player

Now take those newly converted files and add them to your Smartphone, MP3 Player, iTunes, etc. and experience a whole new way of listening to music.

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Awesome efficiency in Audio Conversion at a one time price.

One Low Cost

$19.95 Unlimited

  • Batch Conversions
  • Select specific Bitrate
  • Unlimited Song Conversions
  • Fast Conversions (45 sec/song)
  • Upload to your iPod/MP3 Player

Got Questions? Good, because we've got answers.

Below are some F.A.Q.s. Feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have. We want you to be pleased with our product.

 Why is my conversion stopping, crashing or staying on loading?

Here are some tips to allow for an efficient conversion:
-Ensure that your computer doesn’t fall into sleep/hibernation mode while converting.
-Keep batch conversions to no more than 20 audio files at a time. This helps with tip #1 since your computer is less likely to fall asleep due to less time processing.
-Update your Adobe Air at https://get.adobe.com/air/. This free software allows for a light and efficient conversion software. make sure your songs are no longer than 10 minutes. This is one of the next updates we are working on

 Why can't I select some of my songs for conversion (grayed out)?

Currently, the RETURN program can only convert songs in the mp3 format. One solution using iTunes: Right click the song in iTunes. A screen with options will appear. Simply click on "Create MP3 version". Now when you use the RETURN program to find and convert the song- one will be black and the other one grey. You can then select the black one and convert it to 432Hz. If you try and create the MP3 version in iTunes and it pops up with: "song could not be converted because protected file cannot be converted to other formats" you can burn these songs onto a CD. Then Re-import them into your iTunes and they will then be in MP3 format.

 What updates are expected to come soon?

-Having the option to convert to 432hz or 528 Hz
-Being able to convert longer audio files such as 30 min to an hour
-Keep the tags(track info, artist, album, etc.) with each converted song.
-Original file tuning frequency will be detected as opposed to processing under assumption of 440 hz.
-Accept other music files such as .wav or .flac.
As updates to the the Return Software are produced, the updated product download will be sent via email link to all pre-existing customers.

 How does the bit rate option work?

To see your songs bit rate, right click on your song in your library and select "Get Info" look at your bit rate, if its higher than 128 you will want to select 320 as your option in the software. If you converted a 320 song to 128 or lower you would hear a loss in quality. To prevent this you will select the 320 option. You do not have to know each songs individual bit rate. If you always select 320 then any of your songs you put in if they are lower than 320 will stay the bit rate they are. You cannot "upgrade" your bit rate, they will remain as they are.

 Why do I need Adobe Air?

As opposed to creating a typical .exe program that sometimes bogs down processing speeds due to large file sizes, we chose to utilize Adobe Air (a free program) to develop this software in order to provide a clean, light and efficient application that speeds up conversion of audio files. In order to prevent issues with the program, ensure that you have updated your Adobe Air at https://get.adobe.com/air/. Then the Return software is a downloaded to your computer for keeps :)

 How do I put my converted songs back into my iTunes or Media Player?

Go to your 432HZ folder that you created on your computer and double click on the song and it will play in your iTunes or Media Player and you can put them into a 432 playlist!